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A message from the CEO

Here's what we're doing at YSB

Our Purpose

Our staff and volunteers encourage the families that we serve to develop sustainable practices that lead to long term success. We guide families to make decisions that lead to safe environments, stable educational experiences, and appropriate social behaviors. We redirect juveniles towards sound decisions and equip them with skills that prepare them to develop as responsible adults in our 21st century world. We educate families so that we may help them reach their full potential. Through our actions, our purpose is clear: we work every day to elevate our community by focusing on the great potential of every family.

Our Potential

Over the last 40 years, we have changed countless numbers of lives and helped St. Tammany and Washington Parishes develop into great communities that attract families and businesses. During that time, our world and the problems that our communities face have changed. But, a key factor has remained constant: we live in supportive communities that are focused on solutions. It is through our supportive communities that I see our potential to expand our impact. Our YSB team diligently explores new ideas so that we can evolve consistently. We work to help families in our communities realize that their potential is as limitless as our potential as a community.

Our Partnerships

Youth Service Bureau thrives on sustaining and developing partnerships - partnerships with our clients and with our community. Together, we have helped children stay in school; we have strengthened families; we have made our communities safer. We are successful because of the support of our key stakeholders: our Board of Directors, our community leaders, our volunteers, our business partners, our employees, and You! Our partners provide insight, resources, and financial support - all of which empowers our team to fulfill our mission.

I invite you to support us as we provide advocacy, counseling, education, and intervention to at-risk youth and families in our community. Support our mission through your time as a volunteer. Support our mission financially through a charitable donation or participation in one of our signature events. Your support and partnership helps us to serve others and I know that, together, we can help at-risk youth and families reach their full potential.