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FINS Program

FINS ( Families in Need of Services )

FINS or Families In Need of Services is a juvenile delinquency prevention program dedicated to the intervention of truancy, ungovernable behavior by juveniles, runaway, possession or consumption of intoxicating substances and failure of caretakers to attend meetings regarding their child’s problematic behavior in school. FINS is designed to bring together resources for the purpose of helping families to remedy their children’s self-destructive behaviors or that of other family members. FINS goals are to reduce formal juvenile court involvement whenever possible while generating appropriate community services to benefit the child and improve family relations. The FINS Program is committed to encouraging maximum cooperation among service providers and at all times, preserving the dignity of the family.

FINS is dedicated to intervene in the following:

  • Truancy
  • Habitual violation of school rules
  • Ungovernable behavior by juveniles
  • Runaway behavior
  • Possession and use of drugs and alcohol
  • Caretakers contributing to child's problems
  • Caretakers missing school meetings regarding child's behavior in school
  • Children under 10 who commit adult crimes

The goal of FINS is to work with children, families, school officials, other community resources, and the courts as needed in order to reduce the child's dysfunctional behavior and dysfunction in the home so that the family may remain intact and that the child and family remain productive in all areas of life.

The Referral and Action Process

  • Submission of Concern or Complaint Anyone may do so but usually done by law enforcement, school officials, or parents.
  • Investigation by FINS Officer.
  • Family Assessment conducted if investigation finds that case meets criteria.
  • Plan of Action and Service Delivery.
  • Monitoring and Progress.
  • FINS Panel (as needed)
  • FINS Court Hearing (as needed)

The YSB FINS Program receives support from

Capital One

Louisiana Supreme Court FINS Assistance Program

22nd Judicial District Court

St. Tammany and Washington Parish Schools