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"I think that this was a good program for me because it showed me what I was doing to my family and it helped me to realize that it just wasn't worth it."

An Options Youth

"I believe FINS is a great middle ground between initial trouble and the wrong path in a teen's life."

A FINS Parent

"I thank God for a program like this that helps our children by holding them accountable and giving them the help they need."

A Crossroads Parent

"The TASC Parenting Class gave me the tools I needed to become a more effective parent. My family is 200% better!"

A TASC Parent

"Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have my voice heard. Most of all thanks for Mrs. Barbara. You sent me the best volunteer  the world has to offer. Mrs. Barbara has played a great part ...

Kimberly Lundy, MSW